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Free Worldwide Shipping for Orders over 40$
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Bicycle Holders

There are two different types of Bicycle Holders, first are the ones that are used to mount the bike on a wall or a stand for your bike. And the second types are phone and water battler holders for your bike, they are quite different but we have them both on Beyond Bikes.

To select the best Bicycle Holders to browse our collection and check the products that you need and like, after that, you can buy them from our store and don't forget we have free worldwide shipping for all orders over 40$ or equivalent in the local currency.

Using a smartphone mount while biking is an essential phone accessory. But with phone that are very expensive, you want to be sure your device will stay firmly attached. After riding with our smartphone bike mounts worth of smooth and rough roads, we conclude that they are the ones we’d use for our own phones.

We love to have our bottle of water on hand when we are out riding. This is one of the few things that are necessary when it comes to cycling,  You might have found your way to our shop because your bottle holder has come loose and keeps wiggling when you ride or maybe you have been keeping your bottle in your backpack, which comes with problems of its own. It doesn’t matter why you are looking for the best water bottle holder for your bike, the fact is you are. For that reason, we put together our collection of favourite bottle holders for you to review and consider.